May 14, 2014

Updates are coming! I promise….

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Well, to everyone that’s bugged me about updating this site…its coming I promise…I have a few projects that I have done, but haven’t put up here… this space ūüôā

February 14, 2013

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Well, during the off season I have been giving the ute some much needed love, one of the things that has now been completed is the rebuild of the front end, new tierod ends, new bearings, new seals, new oil…everything!.

One thing that I did do that for some reason I¬†haven’t¬†seen online before is the service of the free wheeling hubs, although these things are fairly maintenance free, when they are attached to a rig that gets a fairly hard time (ie my ute) then I think its a very good idea to service them every 12 months.


Ok, in my terse style that im sure everyone loves, heres the steps.. (As usual I will come back when I can be bothered and put some more detail in)


1) Remove hub from car.

IMG 1953 (Large)


2) Start removing the pins from the inside of the hub.

IMG 1954 (Large)IMG 1955 (Large)


3) After all the pins have been removed you should be able to ‘unscrew’ the inside of the hub out of the housing.


IMG 1959 (Large)


4) Disassemble and Clean ‘everything’.

IMG 1961 (Large)IMG 1962 (Large)


5) Now, with some free bearing grease, start assembly.


IMG 1963 (Large)IMG 1965 (Large)


6) screw the inside back into the housing and start replacing the pins..

IMG 1966 (Large)


7) – DONE

IMG 1970 (Large)

November 27, 2012

Army Spade Handle Upgrade

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Hey Everyone, its been a little while, but that’s because its warm here…and humid…not exactly the best climate for 4x4ing in my opinion…

Anyway, during my ‘off’ season I get more mods done, the first being replacing the handle on my aging army spade, they generally come with a wooden handle, but one time I forgot my camp oven ‘hook’…so the army spade got used instead and well…it¬†didn’t¬†end well…with the handle being burnt pretty good….¬†but that’s¬†ok, its a excuse to mod something ūüėČ


Heres the old thing in all its glory…notice the¬†charcoal¬†near the base…it¬†was¬†burnt through more than it looks….a weak point anyhow…


Drilled the Rivet out and removed the old handle…




Now….what was I going to use as a handle now ? ¬†I wanted something ‘much’ stronger than the original……I had a good look around and found an old shockie strut ….after cutting some bits off it, it looked like it would work well, and then an idea of a¬†extendible¬†handle popped into my head…

I was thinking something like…


Now the end of the shockie shaft tapered down and was threaded…so really needed a¬†sleeve¬†over the top to make it the correct size. ¬†I found some pipe that would work and drilled some holes for plug welding.




I then had to figure out how to make the external handle fit, provide enough strength for digging and also lock in place without bolts etc protruding from the handle.  First I needed some sleeves that will fit between the outer and inner shaft and allow free movement when extending.

So I reused the tops of the struts…



This is how I imagined the system working, the bottom sleeve will be welded to the outer tube, and the top will the welded directly to the shockie shaft, this will provide plenty of strength and should let it all move smoothly.



Now I needed to make a locking system so that the extended handle will stay extended…Here ive marked the where the sleeve that will be welded to the outer tube stops.





I then drilled some 12mm deep holes on that line..I offset the holes so the locking ‘ring’ will only fit one way so its harder for the handle to unlock and close while in use.


Tapped the holes…


Using some locktite I then put some bolts in the holes and cut them down to about 2 thirds the distance between the inner shaft and outer tube.



Here you can see the cut down bolts and the sleeve that is now a locking ring…



After testing for proper fit, the locking ring was welded in place about 15mm from the end of the outer tube, this was to hide the locking ‘cams’ ¬†(cut down bolts) when extended.




I then welded the other sleeve to the inner shaft.



Starting to look good now!  Then welded the sleeve for the spade end top the shockie shaft.


Then the spade end to the rest of the handle! Phew…



Then tested it all, and it worked awesome!




Heres the finished product!







November 2, 2012

Pointless rollcages in our future with the new National code of practice (NCOP)

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Well…it looks like your not allowed any bracing on the A Pillar any more…im sorry that a LOT of the roll over protection for 4×4’s is on of hoop that goes above the windscreen and is braced by….the A PILLARS!

Once again, polly’s being idiots.

Have a read here and let me know what you think!

September 24, 2012

Gu Patrol ARB Air Locker install.

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Well, ive really wanted to give installing a air locker a go for a while now, generally ive just taken them to diff shops etc, but it was time to man up and give it a bash.  It also helps that my next door neighbour plays with diffs for a living and was happy to check my work.

After borrowing a dial gauge and some “Engineers Blue” off the neighbour I started stripping down the Gu front diff I had.


Once the center was out, I removed the crow wheel.

Then it was time to unpack the fancy new ARB air locker, this is the new model which is supposed to be stronger, but a bit harder to install, there’s much less room for the little copper pipe inside.

Heres a photo of the model number if anyone is interested.


Alright enough fluffing around, heres the locker with the crown wheel installed, make sure you do the bolts up with a criss cross fashion, otherwise you can end up with to much round out on the crown wheel (it goes all wobbly)

I’m sorry but after this I kinda forgot to take any photos, if anyone wants photos of a particular part just contact me via this blog and I will see what I can do for you.

Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of what we did next.

*  Put Center back into carrier

*  Reinstalled bearing caps and hand tightened bolts

* Reinstalled preload adjusters, the trick here is to do the adjusters up until you see the inner bearing move and then go one more ‘notch’

* Using the dial gauge measured the back lash, which on a Gu patrol is supposed to be between .15 and .20mm

* If the back lash is incorrect move the crown wheel over by undoing one preload adjuster 1 notch and doing the other side up 1 notch, this keeps the preload correct.

* Once the backlash and preload is correct, measure the runout of the crown wheel with the dial gauge – Max allowable for this is .8mm


After this its your typical locker install, I promise I will get more photos next time! and then flesh this post out a bit.




July 17, 2012

12v Camping power drill mod

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Well, if there’s one thing that would have been handy on the longer touring trips would have been a power drill, I could drill, grind and even cut a few things with the right attachments if I had to.¬† A mate of mine took his battery drill along during our most recent trip, and it really got me thinking…is there a 12v drill that I could simply plug into the cigarette socket ?¬† …Well the answer was no, so once I got home I started looking at the old battery drill I had ….the batteries were stuffed on it, but the drill itself was fine, I had been meaning to purchase some new batteries for it, but hadn’t quite got there yet…

My initial idea was to do away with the battery altogether and just solder some wire and battery clips to the drill….I kinda did this by just twisting some wire around the terminals, and testing the theory and to my surprise, even thou its a 18v drill, it still had plenty of power on 12v, there was no way you could stop it with your hand.

After thinking about it for a while, I didn’t really want to butcher the drill, because I still wanted it to be a battery drill at the end of the day….sooo, after gutting one of the battery packs I came up with this.



I cut a small hole in the side for a 50 amp anderson plug and soldered that to the terminals at the top of the pack so it could simply be plugged into the drll for 12v use, and then swapped out if needed for a battery.

So now I have a power drill when touring, and never have to charge the batteries for it!



July 6, 2012

New alloy radiator for the ute

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In the middle of summer, the poor old ute gets a bit hot under the collar towing the Kimberley Kamper around……so after getting some vents installed in the bonnet, i figured it was time for a radiator upgrade too.

I got in contact with a mob over in china, and after a few emails, they agreed to make some custom radiators in their thickest core size, 62mm!!.¬† This was done on the proviso that if it worked, I would order a batch… Please note that the biggest off the shelf core size ive seen for a patrol previously is 55mm!!

(Please email me at if you might be interested in one of these. )

Here she is..


Compared to a normal copper ‘heavy duty’ 3 core radiator for a gq patrol.



Nice welds…ive heard they get the girls to do the welding over there because they do a better job!….I wish my missus could weld ally!



I managed to get it installed this afternoon…and I have to say initial impressions are VERY good!¬† When installing, everything lined up as it should, things were a little tight because the radiator itself is so huge, but that’s to be expected i think.¬† Cooling wise, its performing impressively, when the thermo’s fire up they are only staying on about a 3rd as long now, which I think is a good sign.

Im going to test this radiator out in the ute for a few months, that punishment should equal years or normal use:)  and then after that will honor my agreement and try to sell a few, so anyone that is interested in getting one of these huge radiators, please email me at

UPDATED – Ive had this radiator in the ute for nearly 2 years now…and have had ZERO issues! No leaks, no cracks… Im very happy with it.



IMG_2175 some more pics..

June 29, 2012

Video from Glass House Mountains

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Here is a quick vid of one of our latest Glass House Mountains trips.

June 13, 2012

Dont Lock Up Australia!

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I firmly believe this is something all 4x4er’s should get behind!¬† Roothy is doing a bloody good thing by getting us all rev’d up about this issue!¬† Time to let the gov know that we are sick of being locked out of our own country!

April 14, 2012

Easter Trip – Monday 2nd April 2012

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We had quite an early start and were packed and off by 8:30am.¬† Petrol was required at Tamworth and we also stopped at a caf√© and got coffees.¬† A sign outside Kathmandu stating 60% off also got us in ūüôā


The boys also wanted to stop at Repco to get some bits and pieces.  Then we headed towards Sofala. Lunch stop was at Merriwa; where we also filled our water tanks at the park.  The drive was very scenic on the way from Tamworth to Sofala.  We got to Sofala quite late and then we started looking for a camp.

The First Crossing Campground was quite full, so we continued on (after googling) to Coles Bridge Campground.¬† To get there, you take Hill End Road (heading west) from Sofala, take the left onto Turonbridge Road (about 11ish km‚Äôs from Sofala), then there‚Äôs campsites either side of the first bridge ‚ÄúColes Bridge‚ÄĚ.

Camp at Coles Bridge

Camp at Coles Bridge

We had Beef Casserole (made in Sandy’s Dream Pot) and cheesy mashed potato.  Yummo!